Diagnosis and Maintenance

Having plans in place for whenever a computer or computer network begins to show any abnormal behavior and is running slow is essential for any computer maintenance. There are software programs out there that can help, but sometime it just requires calling a tech to find the problem. And we are here to help, and we can go to your location.

We will diagnose the problem(s) and give you are recommended solutions for maintaining optimal performance and long-term care solutions. Sometimes it’s just a simple clean-up and maintenance schedule. But if it is more than this, we will honestly give you our opinion and your options. We know there are a lot of schemes out there to upsell unneeded software and hardware. Unlike big name brand computer service companies, our reputation is built on word of mouth, and we promise to always be open and fair.

So if you are having computer system problems or need to put together a computer system, please give us a try, and we’ll do our best to provide you the best solutions.